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Is your business producing the results you want?

The best business results occur when you are maximizing all elements of your business. We refer to this as:

Small Business Optimization

Which area of your business is a challenge?

Business Operational Financial Controls

Financial and

Having the tools necessary to measure, monitor, and direct the results

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Human Resources Business Team


Skilled, trained and working together with optimum productivity

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Organizational Structure for Small Business

Organizational Structure

Strategically designed and consistently accomplishing what you want

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Increase Sales Small Business Sales and Marketing Strategy

Sales and

A proactive and ongoing strategic effort producing measurable results

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How to Eliminate Over 80% of Small Business Management Problems
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What We Do

We assist owners in elevating the control they have of their small to mid-sized business through small business optimization. We create control from chaos for owners who are ready to be more proactive and strategic. Are all of the elements of your business optimized?

We Help Business Owners Close the Give-Away Gap

Small Business Give Away Gap Illustration

What is the Give-Away Gap?

It is the gap between how a small business is actually operating and the owner’s ability to control how the business is operating. It causes lost profit, productivity, sales, accountability, etc.

Small Business Optimization = Decreased Gap = Increased Control

How We Do It

Strategic Business Assessment


We start with a collaborative Strategic Business Assessment of your current operations, goals, and challenges holding your business back.

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Develop a Strategic Action Plan


Next, we develop a Strategic Action Plan outlining the recommended steps to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

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Support Implementation


Then, we become a resource to you in executing the Strategic Action Plan at the level of support you desire. A plan without execution is useless.

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Would like to have no fee conversation with us about how you can optimize your business to elevate your control? Schedule a:

Business Optimization Strategy Call

What Clients Are Saying:

"The people from Strategic Business Directs were able to help design and implement new procedures and strategies to improve almost every aspect of our business."

"Changing old ways of doing business can be a daunting task. It hardly ever works without strong, experienced outside help and guidance. Strategic Business Directs was the catalyst we needed."