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2015 State of Court Reporting Marketing Industry Report


The court reporting industry has changed over the years. Firm owners have faced challenges related to the economy, increased competition, national contracting and technology changes. There have been good industry outlook and benchmark reports already released by the NCRA and other trade associations.

We thought it might be helpful to take a deeper look into how firm owners are using the internet to market their firms.

We analyzed the websites and online marketing efforts of over 200 court reporting firms across the United States.

At the end of 2014, we released this report with our 2014 research. This report is updated with our 2015 (towards the end of the year) research. We’ll tell you what we found, compare the results to 2014’s report, and explain how we interpret the differences.

More importantly, we’ll suggest how you can apply this information to your individual firm.

In 2014 we released the report with a video presentation. After some feedback, we decided to release this report as a pdf so you can review it at your own pace.

In this free report of the research findings, you'll discover:

  • Nationwide industry data about what your competitors are doing and not doing with online (internet) marketing
  • What firms did and did not improve in their marketing over the last year
  • Ideas about turning your website into a marketing tool instead of an online brochure 
  • Ideas to improve your court reporting firm's marketing

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