The Managing Partners

Over the past 25 years, the Managing Partners of Strategic Business Directs have personally worked with over 800 small to mid-sized businesses across the United States. With this experience, they have learned how certain business management and marketing strategies work and/or do not work in certain businesses when applied to their specific scenario.

Strategic Business Directs also provides advisory services for small businesses that wish to be acquired and businesses want to grow through acquisitions. Learn more about acquisition advisory services here.

Strategic Business Directs is based in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and work with clients nationwide.

Terry McGill

Terry McGill has over 40 years of high-level business and management expertise. Terry spent the first sixteen years of his career in the investment, securities and investment banking industry with firms including E.F. Hutton, Shearson & Merrill Lynch. He built and ran his own investment company from 1989 – 1996 specializing in public and private equity and debt placements ranging from $500,000 – $5,000,000. In 1996, he sold his company and became a business consultant to small and mid-sized businesses. For the past 25 years, Terry has worked as a small business consultant, optimizing hundreds of businesses and provided acquisition advisory services across the United States. With his education and experience, Terry understands how to elevate a small to mid-sized business’ operational, organizational, financial, and sales process strategies and capabilities. Terry lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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Chris Nesbitt

Chris Nesbitt has over 20 years of business management, marketing and sales experience. Before co-founding Strategic Business Directs, Chris held multiple positions in the small business consulting industry. As a managing partner of Strategic Business Directs and small business consultant, Chris focuses on optimizing small business' operations, company culture and leadership, internet inbound marketing, content marketing, traditional marketing, sales strategies and capabilities, and acquisitions. Chris lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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In order to maintain Strategic Business Directs’ Value Approach and ensure a high quality of service, both of our Managing Partners are directly or indirectly involved with all services provided to their clients.

Outside of their typical work with clients, both Terry McGill and Chris Nesbitt are often brought in to speak and train groups on small business strategies.

If you would like to have no fee conversation with us about how you can optimize your business to elevate your control, schedule a:

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