Acquisition Advisory Services


Strategic Business Directs provides advisory services for:

• Small businesses that wish to be acquired

• Businesses that are wanting to grow and expand their businesses through acquisition.


We typically do not function as a business broker for these types of transactions, but function more in a support role, providing expertise and direction to our clients. We may function under the Strategic Business Directs banner or Strategic Business Directs may be associated with an acquisitions team, whose goal is to source and acquire additional companies in a specific industry or a geographic region.

We can assist in the planning, direction & the management of the acquisition process for our clients. In every acquisition, there are many variables that must be navigated on either side of the acquisition process, whether you are selling your business or acquiring other companies.

For Small Business Owners Who Want to Sell Their Business

If you decide that you are going to sell your business, there will be a multitude of questions that you will want to ask and get answers to, prior to entering the arena. Most small business owners have no idea what their business is worth, beyond what they determine in their own mind. Different industries have many different variables & formulas that are used to determine a real value and a marketable value for their companies.

We assist an owner in the information & educational phase of what the process looks like and the specific information that will be required from them, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Financial Data
  • Operational Data
  • Staffing Data
  • Marketing and Sales Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Industry Specific Information

The goal up front is to advise our clients and assist them in the gathering and formatting a broad base of data and help determine what they can and should expect from their respective value and the industry markets. The process of education and information for an owner interested in selling his/her business is vital to the ultimate success of the intended goals of the owners.

Too many times, owners go into a selling phase with their companies and find out very quickly, they were not prepared for that process. Selling a company is not like selling your home. There are multiple areas of concern and many moving parts to consider, prior to determining that you are interested in selling or being acquired.

For Businesses and Acquisitions Teams Wanting to Grow Through Acquisitions

When we are functioning as part of an acquisitions team is a specific industry, we function in a similar manner for the acquisition team. We assist the team in a review and educational capacity. We may assist in gathering and reviewing information and/or directing the process, not only in the acquisition phase, but also in the integration phase of the newly acquired company. Once an acquisition is made, it must be integrated into an existing system or model. We can aid during the upfront acquisition process and the integration and implementation process, if that is deemed appropriate by the acquisitions team.

We are also asked and have the capability to source acquisition opportunities from time to time within a specific industry or targeted geographic area.

The main goal for Strategic Business Directs is to educate and assist our clients with their goals, as they navigate through the acquisitions process.

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