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Move the Valuable Content from Your Mind to Your Website

Posted by Chris Nesbitt

In This 1 Psychological Truth Drastically Impacts Inbound Marketing Results, we discussed the importance of having valuable content on your website to take advantage of the truth that people are primarily interested in solving their problems (not as interested in your product/service or company…unless it helps them solve a problem).

Strategic Business Advisors Inbound Marketing Valuable ContentWe also discussed that one of the most effective techniques to improve the perceived value of your product and/or service is to provide valuable content on your website for your prospective clients/customers to access. You may not currently be providing valuable content on your website but I would suggest that you are probably already experiencing the benefit of offering valuable content to your prospective clients/customers.

Move the Valuable Content from Your Mind to Your Website:

  • Your company’s greatest asset is not its employees…your company’s greatest asset is the EXPERTISE in the minds of your employees. The value is in the expertise.
  • This expertise is used every day in your business. It may be used in production, as you provide your service, or during the marketing and sales process.
  • Each time you speak with a prospective client or current client, you showcase your expertise.
  • By not putting this expertise on your website as valuable content, you limit yourself and your employees to how many people can be physically reached and spoken with in person each day.

For example, when my wife and I had a PROBLEM with our heating furnace, we had a HVAC service technician (EXPERT) come to our house and figure out the SOLUTION. As he was figuring out the solution, he was sharing his EXPERTISE with me about heating furnaces…before even asking my permission to perform the service to fix the furnace problem. He gave me value before even getting paid or having any guarantee that he would be paid. The VALUE of utilizing his service far outweighed the cost of paying him. So, he got my business.

Now, I wonder, how many times a day does the HVAC EXPERT share his EXPERTISE about the SOLUTIONS to PROBLEMS he addresses? He physically only had enough time in a day to share his EXPERTISE maybe 5…10 times if he’s really efficient? This contractor did not have a website. However, he clearly had EXPERTISE in SOLVING my PROBLEM. What if he had some content (written, audio, or video) on a website sharing this expertise to anyone who would like to solve their problem?

Why limit your business to the number of people that you and your employees can physically speak with each day?

You’re probably pretty similar to me in that I do not go to the internet to do a search for some company (unless I already know that the company has a solution to my problem). I go to the internet to find a SOLUTION to my PROBLEM or to be entertained. Wouldn’t it make sense for your company’s website to focus less on you and primarily on SOLUTIONS to your target market’s PROBLEMS? Sure, once you or I find a company that we learn has expertise in solving our problem(s), we may then go back to that specific company’s website, subscribe to their blog and/or connect with them on social media. But, we first would have to search for a SOLUTION to our PROBLEM to find the company’s website.

Having a website that offers regular valuable content that speak to problems your target market faces will:

  • Build your brand & further establish your company as an expert (or thought leader) in your market. With the internet, people can be reached at a rate far greater than the number of phone calls or appointments that can be made.
  • Give potential clients a reason to keep coming back to your website
  • Improve your online search rankings for your area of expertise
  • Help build trust by engaging potential clients without the pressure of a sales pitch or meeting
  • Differentiate your company from the competition who is not providing valuable content
  • Build more leads
  • Shorten the sales cycle (if the content is used with a good strategic sales process)

Will it take time to produce put this valuable content together, to move it from your mind and your employees’ minds to your website? Sure. It may turn out to be time that gives a higher return on investment than time spent on other tasks. When executed properly (fully aligned and integrated with sales and operations), a good inbound marketing strategy with truly valuable content will allow you and your employees to be more effective and efficient with other aspects of the marketing and sales process.

So, what valuable content are you going to move from your mind to your website to improve your inbound marketing strategy?

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Chris Nesbitt is a small business consultant and managing partner of Strategic Business Directs. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Google+.

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