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2 Major Obstacles Keeping Firm Owners from Marketing Success

Posted by Chris Nesbitt

overcoming obstaclesIs marketing a challenge for your court reporting firm? If so, it might not entirely be your fault. There are a couple obstacles that stand in your way.

Some court reporting firm owners have already decided to be proactive with their marketing and are doing some things. They may have decided to have an overall strategy that will help ensure greater results. However, we often find that they have a real challenge with focus. They have no idea, when it comes to marketing, how to be focused, how to have a plan, and how to follow it.

If this is a challenge you face, it’s not entirely your fault.

There are two major obstacles in your way:

Information overload

You know what it’s like.

You’re bombarded with messages every single day. The average American is exposed to anywhere from 250 to over 3,000 marketing and advertising messages per day.

There are messages from within your business from clients, employees, independent contractors, partners, and your network.

And, if that wasn’t already enough to overload you, you decide it’s time to learn how you can improve your firm’s marketing and increase sales. So, you start searching for information and realize there are hundreds of differing opinions about what a business can do to market itself. There are opinions about your website, online advertising, brochures, print materials, print advertising, social media, LinkedIn profile, email, networking, making phone calls, etc.

There is so much information it can be overwhelming. How do you determine what makes the most sense for you and your firm? How do you find the time to learn it all? How do you even begin to put all the marketing tactics together in a way that really produces something?


Information overload is about having too many options, which can certainly create confusion. The confusion in this point is about not having seen many options work for other firms or not knowing what works well for them.

If you look around at the firms you know, how many of them do marketing in a way that really works for them? And, how do you know if it’s working for them? You might be able to observe what they’re doing and they might even casually share some information about what they’re doing. But, if something is working well for them, how truly open are they going to be with you about what exactly they’re doing.

You may find there is very little good quality information about what court reporting firms can do to improve their marketing in a way that will actually increase sales.

So, if you’re confused about what works and you’ve got too many options and information overload, you’ll usually do 1 of 2 things:

  • You’ll either do nothing
  • Or, you’ll try a bunch of things kind of haphazardly and won’t get the results you’re after. The problem is that the more you focus on all of the different things you could be doing the less you do any one well. I’d rather you focus on doing a few things and have them work to help generate leads and increase your business than trying to do 20 things haphazardly and get little to no results.

Either choice is suboptimal. You’ll end up frustrated and thinking maybe marketing just isn’t something that’s going to work well for you.

So, what do you do?

Seek out help to gain a better understanding about what marketing will actually help your firm. Develop a strategy that will work for your firm, within your resources. Focus on executing that strategy. Do not consider adding in other marketing tactics without really thinking through how they will fit in to your strategy.

In order to help you get away from information overload and focus in on what will actually work to improve your court reporting firm’s marketing and sales, we’ve created Marketing Fundamentals for Court Reporting Firm Owners. In it, you’ll discover the 10 marketing and sales mistakes you should avoid (some of them are costing firm owners tens of thousands of dollars a year) and what to do instead. Learn more about it here.

If you would like to speak with us further about your specific firm's challenges, we offer a complimentary 10-20 minute consultation. Request your consultation.

Court Reporting Marketing Fundamentals


Chris Nesbitt is a small business consultant and managing partner of Strategic Business Directs. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Google+. He has also been a continuing education instructor for the Stenograph Prince Institute Center for Professional Development (a court reporting school).

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