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Business Owner Goes From Being Frustrated...to Now Having Fun & Experiencing Profitable Growth

Is your business producing the results you want?

better business results for court reporting firm owner4 years ago, before this case study was written, we met the owner of a court reporting firm. This owner was not getting the results she wanted from her business.

Now, the owner is relishing the challenges, enjoying ownership, and experiencing profitable business growth.

In this case study, we discuss 2 phases of what happened to make this possible.

Phase 1: Gain Better Business Control

Challenge: An Owner Frustrated with the Business & the Lack of Management Control

Results: Management Control, Business Became Fun for the Owner Again, and a Rejuvenated Focus on Business Growth

Phase 2: Install & Support an Inbound Marketing & Sales Program

Challenge: To Generate More Leads & Clients through Internet Marketing

Results: More Website Traffic, Drastic Increase in Leads, More Business

2015 UPDATE: By consistently following the customized marketing strategy, the owner has seen a 1,633% increase in website traffic, over 3,600 new leads, and new deposition scheduling clients weekly.

Each business owner has their own sets of challenges. Yours may be different. This case study will show you how one business owner was successful in solving their challenges.

We've updated this case study periodically to show the ongoing impact of what can happen when a firm owner is consistent over a period of time in proactively executing an effective strategy for their individual scenario. An effective strategy should be designed to be realistic for an owner to execute within their resources.

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