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Strategic by Design Guide:
How to Eliminate Over 80% of All Management Problems

Most small to mid-sized businesses evolve over a period of time, in terms of their operational and organizational structure.

Over a period of years, this business evolution can be and usually is extremely detrimental to the owner or owners of that business. The results will never be what the business owner or owners want them to be.

SBD-Guide-Eliminate-Over-80-Percent-of-All-Management-ProblemsThis Guide Includes:

  • How to Stop the Detrimental Small Business Evolution and Become Strategic by Design
  • How to Eliminate Over 80% of All Management Problems
  • 5 Signs You Are the Hub of the Bicycle Wheel (not a fun ride!)
  • 3 Practical Steps to Get Out of the Bicycle Wheel and Close the Give Away Gap (the gap between how a small business is actually operating and the owner’s ability to control how the business is operating)

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