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Are you thinking, or starting to think, you need a new website?

Have you ever been frustrated with all the different perspectives about what should go into creating a new website?

New Website Planning Checklist for the Business OwnerWeb designers, SEO experts, marketing agencies, business development experts, etc. all seem to have different ideas about what should be done. Each may be good at what they do but they all typically have different capabilities and expertise from the others. And, of course, any ideas or advice they would give you are going to come from their individual expertise and the service(s) they could provide you.

So, how do you know what would be best for your individual business?

How will a new website have the greatest impact in your business moving forward?

In creating this checklist, we took into account what the typical web designers, SEO experts, marketing agencies, and business development experts might tell you. Then, we asked, “What can ensure that you, as the business owner, receive the most value with your new website?”

The “New Website Planning Checklist for the Business Owner” includes 7 key questions that should be answered before creating a new website.

Download the Checklist