Our Approach

Strategic Business Directs is a business advisory firm, who works with small to mid-sized businesses, typically ranging from $500K to $100 million in annual revenues.

Our Approach Consists of 4 Basic Principles:

  1. We approach each client with an attitude of “what can we bring of value to them?” as opposed to an attitude of “what can we get from them?”
  2. The value of our service to a client must far exceed the investment required.
  3. We are only interested in engagements that are a “Win-Win” and that both parties feel will create value and benefit to move forward.
  4. The client must have the desire and willingness to change.

If these basic principles are not present, then it may not be an ideal fit and we would not engage the client in moving forward.

Creating the parameters and proper expectations in the initial phase of an engagement will ensure greater value delivered and received during an engagement. This will eliminate potential issues and problems from occurring downstream as we move forward with a client’s company.

To learn more about the Strategic Business Directs’ services and how we work with our clients, head on over to the Strategic Business Directs’ Process page.